I was contacted by Nyu Media to make a Live Action Movie for the upcoming game,
Yatagarasu - Attack on Cataclysm.

The game is being developed by former SNK Staff that used to work on The King of Fighters
series. They're now having a CrowdFunding Campaign on IndieGoGo in order to complete the game.

I'm currently working on another short film based on the game, it'll be done in a few days.

Yatagarasu Live Action Movie

I finally finished my tribute to KOF 2001, watch it and share :)

Hi there.
I haven't been much into Flash animations lately. I decided to focus my Animation Skills making Live Action Videogames.
Check out my Latest One:

And this is my Next Project, and YOU could be a part of it ;) KOF 2001 Live Action

Check Out all my movies here http://ElGamerCosplayer.com

Check it out, is The King of Fighters '99 in Live Action!

Much better than that shit Hollywood made...

This is the first time one of my flash animations makes the FrontPage... This is great! Thanks a lot!

So, if you like the dumb fatty Víctor, I'm sure you'll love the Resivic Evil series, the DIREMESIS saga is the funniest. Watch all episodes here: http://lasvicaventuras.com/en/episodes /

And be sure to check out my Live Action movies too: http://lasvicaventuras.com/en/el-cospl ayer-2/
A los que hablan español, pueden ver todos mis videos completamente en nuestro idioma en mi sitio, así los disfrutamos más :)

Ahora, quien quiera ayudarme como actor de voz, abajo de este video están las bases y diálogos:
http://lasvicaventuras.com/noticias/lo -que-viene-para-lv-enero-2011/394/

Al minuto 1:08 de ese video hago una interpretación de Bill. Si suenan mejor que yo les doy el papel. De los otros 2 no he recibido audiciones, así que recibo por el momento.

Gracias por colaborar con Las Vicaventuras :)

Víctor is back! And all his classic jokes, stupidities and nonsense are with him :D

If you've watched Resivic Evil before, you may remember me as "Grand-Master-82". I asked that account to be deleted more than a year ago because of some stuff that happened to me while I was in college.

I thought I'll stop making videos and things like that and my NG account remind me of the joy I had making cartoons and blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, I'll NEVER stop making videos! Be sure that I'll be keeping you laughing for years to come. Víctor Adventures have just started :)

So, visit my website if you want to watch all Resivic Evil episodes, and check out my other videos, maybe you'll have a laugh or two :D

P.S: If you know somebody else that missed Víctor, tell him/her aout my site. RE DIREMESIS is up to episode 3 :D (and is in HD over there)

My tesis experiment

2010-03-16 19:32:39 by martiescageda

I like to think that I'm a true animator seeking for the "Ilussion of Life" in my movies, I still got a lot to learn and practice but that's another thing... Anyway, I have this experimental movie where I made the exact scene in the tradicional way and the vectorial one, directly on Flash: Pen vs Pencil

So, if you could watch the movie and give me your opinion you'd be of much help. Thanks!

PS: I'll upload real movies later, be sure of it :D